ZOUKA Digital Printed Sport

Training meets Fashion.


Material: 95% Recycled Polyester, 5% Spandex.

Zouka  socks have been designed and manufactured to step into your groovy sock game. Zouka socks offers amazing colours, patterns, and designs including using recycled polyester where listed. Get your ZOUKA on.


Yeah, we love our socks and we know you will too.

We work with companies and design fully branded socks that we have designed that is a recycled polyester blend with venting in the top of the foot, seamless toe piece, cushion sole and compression through the arch. Companies typically purchase 500+ Company Branded Socks (our minimum is 100) and are often used to promote the business through customer retention or internal staff use, as giveaways for corporate branding and because our sock is so well made we know that it won't end up at the back of the sock drawer. They will be worn for everyday use including at the gym, running, work, sporting events.